Established in 1997, Elite International Esthetic & Health Canada Ltd. emphasizes effective professional slimming, beauty, healthy supplements, and equipment imports to introduce prime products to customers.

Elite International Esthetic & Health Canada Ltd. has been an agent for numerous well-known international brands in and representing brands are as follows:

  • Italian GTS Corporation’s (one of the largest beauty salon corporations in Europe ) DIBI Nuovapelle skin care products.
  • DIBIBODY slimming and body care products.
  • DIBIBODY body care products.
  • OLOS NATURAL care products.
  • ThermaeSPA care products.
  • SINUS Professional breast beauty products.
  • Previderm hand treatment products
  • Dr.Müllerk for beautiful and healthy feet
  • Depylia before and after waxing care products
  • Solarium sun protective products
  • Kilili body care products.
  • Decoderm make-up products
  • DIBIBODY NEW DIMENSION body slimming machine
  • VIP Professional treatment machine
  • REVIDERM skin peeler - Microdermabrasion
  • REVIDERM skin care products.
  • VUPIESSE ITALIA home care face and body unit

To best serve our customers, we have also set up training centers to provide a complete professional training to our client aestheticians or beauty practitioners with a view to pass on to them the world standard knowledge and techniques about the products, which we believe is of essential importance to them to ensure professionalism and quality services.