Age Perfection

  A multi-functional skin re-education and eudermic defense treatment that boosts its self-defenses and raises the tolerance threshold of the skin, fully respecting its natural mechanisms.



A face that looks young and smoothed and a brightened and even complexion, noticeable immediately.

Also developed for eye and lip contours. Signs of aging are visibly reduced.




The complex multi-functional molecule that combines the natural defense mechanisms of the epidermal mother cells through a cutting-edge carrier that guarantees the effectiveness of the innovative peptide it contains.


Global youth complex to fight the damaging effects of chronological, photo and chromatic aging by working on the extracellular matrix, on collagen and on skin dyschromias for a even, young and radiant skin.


Exfoliating chemical formula which favors the skin's regeneration process.


Flavonoid with an anti-oxidant action capable of protecting fibroblasts against photo-aging caused by UV rays.


Marine-originating active ingredient specifically for the eye contour. Capable of combating or reducing the color of dark circles under the eyes.


Immediately visible reduction in the signs of aging.
Brightened and even complexion with an effect that is immediately visible.
Lines of the face and eye contour are smoothed.

* Clinical-instrumental test conducted on the complete AGE PERFECTION treatment (cabina+autocura).
** Periocular area.


Wrinkles reduced up to -51%

Radiance increased up to +57%

Smoothness increased up to +43%

Spots reduced up to - 28%

Global Youth Day Cream PF009472
50 gm jar

Youth Cream with a thick texture that helps slow down and fight signs of global aging.

The result: day after day the skin looks younger, bright, smooth and radiant.

Global Youth Night Cream PF009473
50 gm jar

Youth Cream with a soft and rich texture that repairs and regenerates the tissue to give skin new youth and uniformity.

The result: day after day, skin is revitalized and visibly rejuvenated/younger looking.

Global Youth Serum PF009474
30 ml bottle
With an intensive action developed to be used in synergy with DIBI technologies.
  Global Youth Treatment Eye/Lip Contours PF009475
15 gm jar
Youth Cream with a full and fondant/melting texture that reduces wrinkles and provides/supplies nourishing elements to encourage the reduction of visible signs of aging. The result: small lines are smoothed, wrinkles are made less visible, the eye and lip contours become more compact and acquire new youth.
Global Youth FaceMask PF009476
2 single dose sachets x 10 ml each

Youth Face Mask with a delicate cream texture that smoothes wrinkles and signs of time in a single gesture. Intensive and rapid treatment that restructures and returns density to the skin.

The result: skin looks radiant and even, wrinkles and signs of time are reduced.