Pure Perfection


The professional treatment dedicated to impure and combination skin that restores the natural mechanism of skin functionality and controls sebum production for a rebalanced and re-educated skin.



The treatment of problems associated with
oily and impure skin types.




Phyto-active ingredient of biotechnological origin that reduces and controls sebum secretion, with a longlasting action and no "rebound effect". It stimulates the synthesis of defensins, natural anti-bacterial peptides produced by the skin to protect itself against germs, increasing natural defense mechanisms. It carries out an astringent and reducing action on pores, reducing the surface on which blackheads form and their number.

Azelaic acid complex

It inhibits the activity of 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme responsible for excess sebum production. This enzyme is more active under stress.

Hyaluronic acid

Polysaccharide with an extremely strong ability to retain water, consequently highly moisturizing, to improve skin softness.


Rebalanced and adjusted sebum production, for
softer and more even skin, with a long-lasting
matifying effectiveness.


-40,3% immediate correction of sebaceous
overproduction with no rebound effect

-36,7% re-education* of the sebaceous
secretion over time after 4 weeks of treatment

-43,5% in trans epidermal water loss, with
rebalance of the hydrolipidic f ilm after 4 weeks
of treatment

* In vivo tests on the Pure Perfection treatment.

Sebo-Balance Gel • PF008982
200 ml bottle

A light cleansing gel that purifies the skin without attacking it. It reduces the production of sebum* and carries out an effective bacteriostatic action.

Result: day after day, skin is rebalanced, cleansed and moisturized.

Sebo-Balance Tonic Lotion • PF008983
200 ml bottle

A fresh lotion with an astringent and sebum-balancing action with a long-lasting matt effect***.
It rebalances the production of sebum* reducing dilated pores and fighting bacterial growth**.

Result: day after day, smaller skin pores and refined skin grain

Sebo-Balance Serum • PF008986
30 ml bottle

Matifying serum specific for the T-zone, for a long-lasting matt effect***. It is rich in D-PUR to rebalance sebum production and fight bacterial proliferation.

Result: shine-free T-zone, reduced bacterial flora.

Sebo-Balance Cream • PF008988
50 ml jar

A cream with a light texture for a sebum-balancing** action with a long-lasting matt effect***. It inhibits the overproduction of sebum and intensely moisturizes. SPF 10****.

Result: day after day, smaller skin pores and refined and moisturized skin grain.

SOS Anti-Imperfections Fluid • PF008987
15 ml tube

Fluid with localized action against impurities and imperfections. It carries out a localized "first aid" action on impure areas.

Result: a more satiny and even skin.