Gold Performance

  An exclusive formula with incredible performances. A luxury face cream enriched with golden microscopic specks that, as recently demonstrated by cosmetic research, can also be a very precious ally for beautiful skin. Sensorial pleasure that conveys instant preciousness.


  Those who want a sumptuous, precious and effective cream with a global, ultra-performing anti-age action.



Golden Collagenine
Golden Collagenine is a peptide of biotechnological origin bound to gold nanoparticles: a cutting-edge technique that guarantees amazing effects and results. It acts as a mediator, boosting the cellular activity needed to maintain and restore the skin's young and healthy appearance, stimulating the synthesis of collagen.

The advantages of nanotechnology:

  • It increases the concentration of Golden Collagenine available in the membrane receptors of the f ibroblasts.
  • It increases the bio-availability of Golden Collagenine.
  • It improves the selectivity and activity of Golden Collagenine.

  Global anti-age action. A radiant and absolutely sublime complexion. The microscopic specks reflect light in order to minimize imperfections and instantly illuminate the skin.  

  In vitro test (fibroblasts incubated for 48 hours with Golden Collagenine):

+205% +230%
increase in
Collagen III.
increase in
Collagen I.

IN VIVO RESULTS (after 30 days of application):

-55% reduction in deep wrinkles.


  • A luxurious cream for a global anti-age action, to reduce even the deepest wrinkles, improve the macro relief of the skin and restore its suppleness and moisture.
  • A voluptuous, rich and velvety texture, with pure and natural color.


DG0018 Ultra-Performing Rejuvenating Cream 50ml