A complete treatment for the face with excellent functionality and performances, made with exclusive active ingredients with anti-age, anti-spot, unifying and illuminating properties.


  Correcting facial skin that is not uniform, dull, marked by thin lines and wrinkles, dyschromias and dark spots.



Liposoluble Vitamin C
A powerful anti-oxidant and anti-age action: it stimulates cellular renewal and collagen synthesis. Its special liposoluble formula offers excellent stability and improves the absorption of Vitamin C at the percutaneous level.

Extract of microencapsulated licorice
It regulates the production of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the melanin formation process. It has unifying and brightening effects. The microencapsulation technology keeps the active ingredient whole and ensures its controlled release, for long-lasting effectiveness.

Exclusive ADMâ„¢ complex derived from Azelaic acid
Unifying action on the complexion at the level of the entire skin surface and aimed at localized hyperpigmented areas.

It has excellent dermo-cosmetic properties. It improves microcirculation and surface oxygenation of the skin, with illuminating effects.


  The complexion is clearly more homogeneous, unified, rejuvenated and spot free. The face glows with new transparency and radiance.  

+84% fibroblast renewal*
+60% reduction in melanin production**
+10% whitening effectiveness on spots***

* In vitro test on Eclavis
** In vitro test on Licorice extract
*** In vitro test on ADM complex.

  • Cosmetic formulas with high functional quality, intended to rejuvenate and unify the face.
  • A pool of highly innovative active ingredients, with anti-age, anti-spot and illuminating properties.
  • Extremely effective advanced textures that are pleasant on the skin.
  • Fresh and citrusy scent, with bergamot and white flowers.


DW0114 pdf-icon Unifying Gel Serum 30ml
DW0218 pdf-icon Regenerating & Anti-Spot Day Cream 50ml
DW0318 pdf-icon Regenerating & Anti-Spot Night Cream 50ml