Hydra System

  Innovative treatment solutions capable of moisturizing the skin not only on the surface but deep down as well, stimulating the skin moisture physiological mechanisms inside the cell.


  Restoring proper water balance of the skin, ensuring an effective natural protection barrier and preventing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.



Phyto-active ingredient of phyto-technological origin, obtained from the seeds of Voandzeia Subterranea. It works on multiple levels: deep down by enhancing the moisturizing mechanisms inside the skin and, on the surface by strengthening its natural protection barrier, at the same time reducing the TEWL (transepidermal water loss).

Imperata Cylindrica
Obtained from the root of the plant bearing the same name, it restores the cellular saline reserves, then, through osmosis, it captures and retains water in the epidermal layers with a long-lasting, rehydrating action.

Extraordinarily pure collagen
It works as a powerful moisturizing agent to ensure a fresh and soft epidermis.

Hyaluronic acid
Polysaccharide with an extremely strong ability to retain water, consequently highly moisturizing, to improve skin softness.


  Skin full of water, more vital with each passing day. Naturally rehydrated, on the surface and deep down, the epidermis instantly looks fresher, smoother and exceptionally soft to the touch. With a feeling of absolute comfort.  


+50% surface moisture
After 4 treatment sessions

+24% Deep moisture
Ability of the epidermis to retain water
After 4 treatment sessions


  • Advanced treatment solutions in terms of technology, methods, formulas and ultra-light textures.
  • It contains HydraFil, an active ingredient with dual rehydrating action to work deep down and on the surface of the skin.


HS0018 pdf-icon Long-Lasting Rehydrating Fluid 50ml
HS0014 pdf-icon Intense Rehydration Serum 30ml
HS0118 pdf-icon Long Lasting Deep Rehydration Cream 50ml