Sensitive Skin

  A multi-functional skin re-education and eudermic defense treatment that boosts its self-defenses and raises the tolerance threshold of the skin, fully respecting its natural mechanisms.


  Dealing with problems associated with sensitive and reactive skin.



Sensitive skin reacts to exogenous and endogenous stimuli through an overproduction of cytokines, which causes irritation and reddening. Calmiskin®, a soothing bio-active ingredient obtained from mint leaves rich in polyphenols, reduces the release of cytokines by 50%, soothing skin and significantly lowering its reactivity threshold.

Metal Block Complex
A Dibi exclusive. Against the attacks of pollution, gases and particulate matter. This exclusive complex intercepts and inactivates heavy metals such as iron, copper, lead, mercury and chrome in order to inhibit their harmful effects and reduce the production of toxic radicals, which cause oxidation at the cellular level.


  Natural defenses are enhanced and stimulated to carry out a eudermic function. Repair effect on the skin barrier. Soothed skin, moisturized and effectively protected against pollution, UV rays and external attacks. The complexion is more even-toned, exceptionally soft and radiant.  

+46%* anti-redness effect Improved complexion
+36%* improvement in the couperose-related imperfection
+70%* improved skin compactness

* * Parameter increase percentages, recorded in the test, compared to the highest possible increase – after 8 treatments.

  • Multi-function eudermic defense action that allows skin to find its balance, fully respecting the extreme delicateness of these skin types.
  • Anti-pollution defense.
  • It moisturizes the skin, soothing and restoring comfort.
  • It limits the harmful effects of UV rays with SPF15.


SS0031 pdf-icon Redness-Reducing Cleansing Mousse 200ml
SS0033 pdf-icon Redness-Reducing Tonic Lotion 300ml
SS0018 pdf-icon Anti-Pollution Hi-Tolerance Serum 50ml
SS0118 pdf-icon Anti-Pollution Hi-Tolerance Cream 50ml