Delizia Di Riso


Rice, “Oryza sativa”, is a primary source of nourishment and among all the cereals, it is the most complete food product. The plant originates from Asia: the Chinese were already cultivating rice for food as far back as the 6th Millennium BC in Eastern China, it then became widespread in Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt and finally in Europe. As well as for food, rice began to be used as a cosmetic ingredient thanks to its special starch and the precious oil that can be extracted from it. Rice by‚Äźproducts are therefore particularly suitable for intensively nourishing the skin.



All skin types.



Rice Proteins, Rice Bran Oil, Gamma Oryzanol.


Soft and silky skin.




  • Professional holistic treatment that combines effectiveness and emotions.
  • Sensorial textures and enveloping fragrances to pamper yourself at home too.

Body Soothing Bath Cream PF008475
250ml jar
Bath cream with a rich and creamy consistency that cleanses and nourishes the skin. When massaged onto the body, it becomes a soft and scented foam, turning the bath into an enveloping moment of absolute relaxing pleasure.
Velvety Body Oil • PF008478
250ml bottle
Rich in Rice Bran Oil, with beneficial emollient and protective virtues, it intensively nourishes the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and pleasantly scented.
Melting Body Cream • PF008476
250ml jar
Soft and sumptuous body cream that melts onto skin, giving it the most precious Rice Oils and Proteins. Enriched with special grains which smooth the skin, leaving it soft, velvety and sweetly scented.
Softening Body Cream PF008477
250ml tube
A real treatment for the body which combines Rice Proteins, Rice Starch and Bran Oil, which
intensively nourish the skin, leaving it soft and silky.
Nourishing Hand Cream PF008489
250ml jar
Special hand treatment made with Rice Proteins and Bran Oil with beneficial emollient and protective virtues. it intensively nourishes the skin, leaving it as smooth as silk.