THALMER THALASSO SPA BODY offers thalassotherapy treatments that reproduce the main actions carried out on the skin by the sea and its vital elements.



Gradually and effectively fighting the most common body imperfections (cellulite, fat, loss of tone) through different actions: draining, reducing, toning, exfoliating, detoxifying, remineralizing, moisturizing and oxygenating.





Obtained from adaptogenic algae that restore the hydrolipidic film, secures water at the corneal layer level and holds it with a long-lasting effect, for a complete “moisturizing” and “anti-dryness” action, to restore the proper amount of water to the skin.


Sea phyto-extract that works on the lipogenesis mechanism, preventing an increase in adipocytes; it boosts collagen synthesis in order to improve skin compactness.


Obtained from dark algae called Laminaria Hyperborea, rich in polysaccharides with draining properties. It works on the PKA (Protein Kinase A), a special enzyme that restarts metabolism of fat cells, fighting imperfections of cellulitic tissue.



Different results can be obtained, depending on the THALMER THALASSO SPA treatment carried out:

  • EXFOLIATING: smoother and softer skin;
  • DRAINING: slimmer body and more even-toned skin;
  • REDUCING: slimmer body and more even-toned skin;



  • New ways to "care" for the body and for interior harmony.
  • A global treatment concept with advanced naturalness and functionality.
  • A philosophy inspired by the sea world, to provide beauty, well-being and emotions.


Bath and Shower Marine Body • PF008491
250ml bottle
Scented and foamy for the shower & bath,extremely rich in precious active ingredients from the sea world such as Red Algae, Plankton Extract and Chlorella Vulgaris, known for stimulating the cellular metabolism and the mobilization of lipids. When in contact with water, a fresh and inebriating scent is released as well as a soft foam which gently cleanses, leaving the skin soft and velvety.
Velvety Body Oil PF008490
250ml jar
Exceptional exfoliating mix made up of Sea Salt Crystals immersed in a precious mix of essential and plant oils. The extended massage intensively smoothes the skin, removing impurities from its surface. Skin immediately rediscovers radiance, softness and vitality.
Mont Saint Michel Anticellulite Marina Body Milk • PF008492
250ml bottle
Soft emulsion enriched with Sphacelaria Scoparia, brown algae specifically for the *treatment of
imperfections caused by cellulite that fights the formation of new adipocytes, contributes to the
reduction of existing ones and restructures skin tissue, increasing collagen synthesis.
Restructuring Marine Body Cream PF008489
250ml jar
Rich and silky cream ideal for rewarding yourself with moments of pleasure, relaxation and well-being. It is enriched with a mix of highly remineralizing marine extracted substances.