Bio Staminalia


A treatment and a line of products to awaken and preserve a youthful face. Apple Plant Stem Cells, contained in comfortable textures, delay metabolic and oxidative* aging of the skin.



All skin types, for preserving the youth of the face and for fighting skin and oxidative aging caused by UV rays*.





Apple Plant Stem Cells, Oxygen Donor, Lupinus Albus extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Rutin, Synthesis Tri-peptide, Shea Butter, NMF, Bisabolol, Mango Oil, Olive Oil and Wheat Germ Oil.



Skin that is like new: the action of Glycolic Acid at the proper concentration eliminates devitalized cells, leaving the complexion instantly fresher, more transparent and more radiant.



REGENERATING TEST: Ability to stimulate the growth of keratinocytes and consequently result in an epidermal renewal effect thanks to cellular turnover.
Test carried out on 60 and 90 Plus Regenerating Serums and on the Regenerating Night Cream.

ANTI-OXIDANT TEST: Ability to significantly reduce oxidative stress.
In vitro test on extract containing Lycopene

+40% moisturized epidermis
-68.9% Tests carried out at 5% of Sugar Complex. post-AHA irritation

  • At the Beauty Salon, an even better performing treatment, completed by a specific anti-oxidant phase and a revitalizing final massage.

  • Bio-compatible formulas of proven effectiveness that combine Glycolic Acid at measured concentrations, Lycopene extract and a Sugar Complex.

  • Light textures that take advantage of the properties offered by "green" ingredients for an environmentally-sustainable approach.

No-Age Facial Cleansing Milk • PF009213
250ml bottle
Specific milk with Apple Plant Stem Cells to carefully cleanse and delicately remove make-up from the face without stinging the eyes.
No-Age Facial Spray Toner PF009214
250ml bottle
Fresh lotion with Apple Plant Stem Cells that perfects the daily cleansing of the skin fighting the effects of aging.
No-Age Facial Night Cream • PF009219
50gm jar
Rich and thick texture specifically for nighttime that encourages the regeneration of epidermal mother cells and improves cellular breathing.
No-Age Facial Day Cream • PF009218
50gm jar
Soft texture dedicated to skin wishing to prevent the signs of time. It helps reawaken and guard facial youth by encouraging the regeneration of epidermal mother cells.
No-Age Facial Serum • PF009220
50ml bottle
Concentrated active ingredient with Apple Plant Stem Cells that help delay metabolic and oxidative skin aging.
No-Age Eye and Lip Contour Concentrate • PF009221
20ml tube
Precious texture that helps fight skin aging of delicate and specific areas such as the eye and lips contours which need special attention.
Anti-Fatigue Eye Contour Stick • PF009222
4ml bottle
Formula rich in Apple Plant Stem Cells and draining plant extracts, specifically for fighting the signs of time.