Glyco Program


A regenerating face treatment that contains Glycolic Acid to exfoliate the epidermis and stimulate cellular turnover. Latest-generation biocompatible formulas that renew skin and smooth out its imperfections.



Specific for asphyctic, thickened, dull and lifeless skin. It is especially recommended at season changes, after a stressful period, in case of wrinkles, dyschromias and spots.



Glycolic Acid
It smoothes, moisturizes and illuminates the skin by exfoliating the corneal layer.
It stimulates and promotes cellular turnover, fighting the signs of aging.

It helps prevent oxidation and absorption of free reactive radicals.
It protects the skin against photo-aging.

Sugar Complex
Post-AHA decongestant, it protects the skin against dryness and irritation.
It works as a "water magnet", because it regulates and retains water on the skin surface.



Skin that is like new: the action of Glycolic Acid at the proper concentration eliminates devitalized cells, leaving the complexion instantly fresher, more transparent and more radiant.



REGENERATING TEST: Ability to stimulate the growth of keratinocytes and consequently result in an epidermal renewal effect thanks to cellular turnover.
Test carried out on 60 and 90 Plus Regenerating Serums and on the Regenerating Night Cream.

ANTI-OXIDANT TEST: Ability to significantly reduce oxidative stress.
In vitro test on extract containing Lycopene

+40% moisturized epidermis
-68.9% Tests carried out at 5% of Sugar Complex. post-AHA irritation

  • At the Beauty Salon, an even better performing treatment, completed by a specific anti-oxidant phase and a revitalizing final massage.

  • Bio-compatible formulas of proven effectiveness that combine Glycolic Acid at measured concentrations, Lycopene extract and a Sugar Complex.

  • Light textures that take advantage of the properties offered by "green" ingredients for an environmentally-sustainable approach.

Face Regenerating Cleansing Milk • PF009238
250ml bottle
Creamy milk that, thanks to the exfoliating action of Glycolic Acid, removes impurities and smoothes and renews the epidermis, for a perfect daily cleansing of the face.
Face Regenerating Spray Toner • PF009239
250ml bottle
Light toner that completes the daily cleansing phase, restoring vitality and freshness to the skin thanks to the Glycolic Acid formula which favors the skin's regeneration process.
Face Regenerating Night Cream • PF009246
50ml jar
Ultra-light and fast-absorbing to defend the skin from UV rays. Thanks to a special Sugar Complex,it regulates the level of moisture and raises the skin's tolerability threshold. Ideal for the Post-Glycolic treatment.
Face Regenerating Day Fluid with Sunscreens • PF009247
50ml bottle
Specific formula for nighttime that intensively regenerates the skin. Rich in Glycolic Acid, it stimulates cellular turnover*, exfoliates the corneal layer and smoothes the skin grain.