Nettare Di Zucca

  Skin Type
  For those with asphyctic, thickened, dull and tired skin with surface pigmentation.

  Skin is renewed and rediscovers its radiance, clearness and softness.

  Glyco Program is a treatment with a calibrated concentration of Glycolic acid integrated with anti-oxidants and moisturizing active ingredients. It removes lifeless cells from the surface layer of the skin, restoring radiance, freshness and vitality to the complexion.

  A thorough personalized check-up will establish the number of treatments required at the Beauty Salon. One treatment per week is
recommended with a break of 4 or 5 days between the two sessions.
This treatment is particularly recommended during season changes, after very stressful periods, for wrinkles, dyschromias and spots.



Sebo Balancing Facial Cleansing Gel • PF009223
250ml bottle
Gel specifically for impure skin that cleanses the face deep-down and *helps regulate the sebaceous balance of the skin.
Bi-Phase Sebo Balance Facial Toner • PF009224
250ml bottle
Bi-phase toner which, thanks to sebo balancing active ingredients, completes the daily facial cleansing phase, effectively removing impurities and *helping normalize the skin's natural balance. Shake before use.
Sebo Control Specific Zones Face Cream • PF009229
20ml tube
Specific cream which, when applied directly to the imperfection, encourages its disappearance and at the same time, thanks to the covering color of the texture, minimizes it.
Perfect Matt Moisturizing Face Cream PF009228
50ml jar
Light cream with a soft and light texture. It contains the exclusive Natural Skin Food Complex, which is rich in pumpkin extract selectively works on different areas of the face ensuring ideal moisturization to the epidermis and protection from oxidative stress and skin aging.
PH Balance Face Cream PF009230
50ml jar
Formula rich in Fruit Acids which, thanks to their astringent properties, encourage the normalization of the skin's sebaceous balance, avoiding the formation and accumulation of impurities.