Thalasso - Face


THALMER THALASSO SPA FACE offers two specific treatments: OZONE PROTECTION and ANTI-AGE.

Cosmetic products with high concentrations of active ingredients form the sea, specifically adaptogenic algae, fruit of the most cutting-edge bio-technology, extremely effective because of their specific affinity with the skin.



THALMER THALASSO SPA OZONE* PROTECTION is perfect for protecting and energizing stressed out and dull skin, neutralizing the effects of ozone pollution.

THALMER THALASSO SPA ANTI-AGE** is perfect for restoring new breath to the face. Recommended for marked, sagging and dull-looking skin.



Obtained from unicellular adaptogenic algae that neutralize damage caused by ozone, energize the cellular membrane and improve exchanges between the cells.


Obtained from adaptogenic algae capable of boosting cellular oxygenation and significantly increasing fibroblast activity, with an 80% increase in collagen synthesis.


With THALMER OZONE* PROTECTION, the skin regains energy and positively glows, the complexion immediately looks pinker and the ├ęclat is more radiant.

THALMER ANTI-AGE** improves the quality of the dermo-epidermal structure. With a cellular rejuvenation anti-age effect of unequalled effectiveness.



Moisturizing and dermo-protective effect to keep skin radiant, firm and toned*.
+ 21%** increased cellular oxygenation

It boosts fibroblast activity
+ 80% collagen synthesis **

* In vitro test on Bioplancton
** In vitro test on Phycojuvenine

  • Thalassotherapy & well-being a constantly growing market trend.
  • Treatments that call to mind the atmosphere of the sea and the excitement of diving into its secret, enchanted and fascinating world.
  • Cosmetic products with special textures and with a fresh and inebriating fragrance. Along with extra rich, ground-breaking active ingredients obtained directly and exclusively from the sea world.

Moisturizing Facial Cleansing Gel • PF009231
250ml bottle
Extremely pleasant gel that cleanses skin and moisturizes it deep-down, giving it softness and brilliance.
Moisturizing Facial Spray Toner PF009232
250ml bottle
Extremely fresh texture that completes daily cleansing for an excellent toning
and moisturizing action.
Exfoliating Facial Paste with Oyster Shell Powder • PF009236
150ml tube
A thick scrub in a paste containing precious oyster microgranules and ultra-fine salt for a cosmetic microdermoabrasion.
Moisturizing Oxygen Face Cream • PF009237
50gm jar
Moisturizing formula with Chlorella Vulgaris, an adaptogenic algae that encourages the optimal
intake of water and lipids to the skin and restores its protective film.